<a href=" Dumpling" class="display-item">Rock Dumpling</a>

Rock Dumpling

Category: Basic

Artist: Orvaenta

Resale Value: 1 Rock Dumpling


Just a cute little guy. Can be used for 1 leaf and 1 pebble, or resold for 1 rock dumpling! Talk about multiple uses!

<a href=" Rock Dumpling" class="display-item">Witch Rock Dumpling</a>

Witch Rock Dumpling

Category: Mutated Dumpling

Rarity: 2

Artist: Boxgore

Resale Value: 1 Rock Dumpling

When fed to a Guide or Seeker, causes up to 6 small to medium circular holes to appear on the body. The holes can not appear on the face or fully obstruct any required traits.

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