Created: 15 March 2022, 01:04:32 PDT
Last updated: 2 January 2024, 22:44:08 PST
Guide and Seek Games

Want to relax and chill with your slabfriends? You've come to just the right place! We have a selection of fun GnS themed minigames for you to check out and play at your leisure!


❥ Guide and Seek Personality Quiz

Have you ever wondered what Guide and Seeker creature you'd be? Well think no more and touch Tomato to begin the quiz!

Wait, there's more! Share your results by completing our Personality Quiz prompt to get a spiffy new frame.


❥ Caught in a Slabmance

I've been waiting my whole life for you...

The big news on the slabnetwork is that Don Rocko — the famous, powerful and dazzling bachelor —  is looking for a lover!
Rich, handsome, and charming - he's the perfect man! 

However, you don't really care; all you want to do is to relax and write your slabfics.
So how did you find yourself sitting across from him at his extravagant mansion?
More so, he wants you to be his one and only... 

Will you accept his love? Click here to find out!

Wait, there's more! Discuss your results and thoughts by completing our Caught in a Slabmance: Bad Romance Prompt for some fun bug friends!
A note: Items gained by screenshots via the varying paths can no longer be acquired, as they were event-only.


❥ Slabswatter


Help!Tomato is on a CHEESEPAGE! Prevent him from taking all the cheese, or else Finch will freak! Careful not to hit Pal though...

This game was made and coded in java, so it has a few limitations. Thank you for understanding!


1. You will need to play this on a computer. Please use the above link to download it.

2. OPEN the zip file. You can use winrar, or winzip, whichever zip program you have.

3. Click on slabswatter.exe. Do not click the jar file.

Wait, there's more! Discuss your results and thoughts by completing our Slabswatting Prompt for some fun currency!


❥ Tomato's Escape

Tomato's been captured by aliens!! Can you help him escape the mothership before he can get captured by the alien's leader? Can Tomato get back home safely, or will he meet his untimely demise?

Wait, there's more! Discuss your results and thoughts by completing our Tomato's Escape Saga: Part 1 Prompt for some fun bug friends!


❥ Tomato's Revenge

Tomato's escaped, but now he's itching for REVENGE!!  How many aliens can he take down before his ship fails him?