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[Closed] March Sale: Birthday Bash

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Flying kites, cherry blossom picnics, and dancing in the march rain showers, these guides and seekers are ready to spring forward into the new season! 

To celebrate Orva's and my birthdays this month I wanted to create a small batch featuring some of our favorite mutated dumplings! Sakura picnic is a free-to-enter raffle, designs 1-3 are FCFS flatsale!

FREE RAFFLE - Sakura Picnic
Guide : Synthetic wing shape, Synthetic wing color, Overgrown dumpling

1 - Patchwork Aviator
Guide : Synthetic wing shape, Scarred dumpling

2- Rain Golem
Seeker : Synthetic exterior- polished peridotite, water interior, Spectral Cracks dumpling

3- Lilypad Cowboy
Seeker : Synthetic exterior- sea glass, water interior, Companion dumpling

- Each design (besides the raffle) is $50 USD 
-This is a first come, first serve flatsale batch
-Payment must be made within 24 hours. If failed to be paid, the design will be put back up for fcfs.
-You may only claim 1 design from the batch.

To enter the raffle for Sakura Picnic, simply reply to the appropriate comment below (comments open 5pm PST 03/18). The raffle will go on for 24 hours, and the winner will be rolled on discord on March 19th, 5pm PST.

There will also be a designated comment for the FCFS claims, please reply there to claim!

[Open] Natural MYO Sale

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Natural MYO Ticket Shop Overgrown Dumpling

<a href=7-image.png

Welcome to the Natural MYO sale page!
Interested in a natural MYO ticket? You've come to the right place! This sale post will be open permanently, and you can always come back whenever you are itching for a Natural Guide or Seeker.
Natural Guide/Seeker MYO Ticket: 15usd
Please be ready to pay with 48 hours of receiving my confirmation reply.
To claim a ticket, please comment below!
Special OTA Tickets will still be available every time there is a regular MYO sale