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[Open] Of Stars and Wishes: Windswept Flaffle

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Of Stars and Wishes: Windswept Flaffle

A trip to the windswept isles comes with bunch of new feathered friends! These lil guys are excited to come with you and explore the rest of the Guide and Seek Isles! Will you grant their wish?

Featuring artists:

:icondiovek::iconstudiomaz::iconducclord::iconorvaentadopts::iconklowbi: :iconl0pmon: :iconhoneydebt:

Sale & Claim Info
40 usd each!
This will be a flatsale raffle batch.

Bullet; Green  If you are interested in any of these designs, please reply under the corresponding comments to enter! After 35 hours, I will do a public roll in our discord server. You only need to pay the $40 if you win the design. Entering is free, but you must be prepared to pay if you win.

Bullet; Green You can enter for a maximum of 2 different designs!  You may not change what design you enter for, so please be careful when deciding!  You may only win 1 design.  If you happen to win 2 designs, you may pick 1 and the other will be re-rolled.

Bullet; Green Designs with only 1 entry after 48 hours will automatically go to the user, and designs without any entries after 48 hours will be open for claims for everyone.

Bullet; Green Designs from this batch will have a 1 week cooldown!
Design Info

All designs are windswept, some have mutated dumplings applied!

1. Mutated Windswept Guide
Gold dumpling | Gold plating dumpling (*new) | Eyes Dumpling
Artist: Lopmon

2. Windswept Guide
Artist: Ducclord

3. Windswept Guide
Artist: Studiomaz

4. Mutated Windswept Guide
Waterflower Dumpling
Artist: Klowbi

5. Mutated Windswept Guide
Smoke Moth Dumpling
Artist: Honeydebt

6. Mutated Windswept Guide
Orb Arm Dumpling
Artist: Diorvek

7. Windswept Seeker
Artist: Orvaenta

8. Mutated Windswept Seeker
Suspicious Red Dumpling
Artist: Studiomaz

9. Windswept Seeker
Artist: Ducclord

10. Mutated Windswept Seeker
Eyes Dumpling | Space Dumpling
Artist: Diorvek

11. Mutated Windswept Seeker
Starpeito Dumpling
Artist: Honydebt

12. Mutated Windswept Seeker
Sparkle Shed Dumpling
Artist: Lopmon

[Open] Natural MYO Sale

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Natural MYO Ticket Shop

<a href=7-image.png

Welcome to the Natural MYO sale page!
Interested in a natural MYO ticket? You've come to the right place! This sale post will be open permanently, and you can always come back whenever you are itching for a Natural Guide or Seeker.
Natural Guide/Seeker MYO Ticket: 15usd
Please be ready to pay with 48 hours of receiving my confirmation reply.
To claim a ticket, please comment below!
Special OTA Tickets will still be available every time there is a regular MYO sale