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Created: 12 May 2021, 02:04:36 PDT
Last updated: 4 February 2024, 00:37:57 PST
❥ Guide and Seek TOS

I will continuously revise and update my TOS, as I learn something new every day!

Upon obtaining a Guide, Seeker, or any of the critter species within the group by any means, you have agreed to follow the rules set below.

General Rules

❥ Credit must always be given. You may credit Orvaentadopts or orvaenta on toyhouse.

❥ I (orvaenta) reserve all copyrights to the artwork itself, and may use it as a sample for sales or self-promotion. 

❥ Artwork and designs from me are for personal use only, they may not be used for commercial purposes. Some exceptions may apply, eg. usage in comics/animations/games as long as project is free to access. Small sale use such as merchandising can be negotiated.

❥ Credit must be given.

❥ I take payment up front, and all sales are final. I do not issue refunds. I only accept USD in terms of monetary currency

❥ I allow holds for up to 48 hours.

MYO Rules

Guide and Seeker MYO tickets are obtainable through events and sales. You must own one to create a Guide or Seeker. Exceptions can be made for certain events and if I give you explicit permission to create one

❥ Please follow the species guide: Guides | Seekers

❥ Stick to the subspecies guidelines of your MYO ticket

❥ Do not copy/steal/trace or heavily reference the works of others. This includes characters and designs from existing shows/series!

❥ When designing a MYO, be mindful of others – please be aware of and avoid cultural appropriation and potentially controversial/triggering imagery. If unsure, feel free to dm me for a second opinion!

❥ Commissioning others is allowed, however you must provide proof that you own a ticket.

Edits and Redesigns

❥ You may edit/redesign your Guide and Seeker designs minimally. All edits must be approved by me first – you may contact me through notes or discord dm. I am working on a more comprehensive editing guide, available soon.

Voiding and AU

❥ Creating AU (alternate Universe/species) versions of your Guides and Seekers is allowed! If considering a trade/resell of the AU version though, please make sure the buyer is aware of the existence of other versions of the character.

❥ Voiding the species is also allowed. If for whatever reason you wish to leave the community and void your OCs, please notify me either through notes or discord dm (orvaenta #9551)! I would prefer a resell or trade of Guide and Seek designs rather than voiding, but I do understand if that is what you wish to do.

❥ Voiding is meant to be for users who no longer wish to participate in the Guide and Seek group, but really love the design of their character! Buying a Guide and Seek design with the sole intention of voiding shortly after is discouraged, and repeatedly doing so will lead to a ban.

❥ If voiding: Please remove all recognizable species traits from the design when voiding! You can definitely repurpose species traits (for example Guide wings and patterns being a cloak, etc). If you need help/suggestions on what to change, feel free to dm me!

❥ I will update the masterlist and void your character upon being presented with the new version!

❥ Voided characters can be un-voided as long as the original file of the Guide/Seeker version is still available, and the current owner also owns the non Guide and Seek version. If you wish to do this, please note or dm me on discord (orvaenta #9661).

Trading and Resell

❥ Guides and Seekers can be traded outside of the community! However, please ensure that the new owner is familiar with and agree to Guide and Seek TOS. 

❥ Guides and Seekers can be resold for price bought + any additional art/commissions ordered. Please do not abuse this system by reselling for an inflated price! Asking for full resale + anything extra (art/other currency/characters) is not allowed.

❥ Guides and Seekers from free MYO events or free raffles cannot be resold by themselves. However, if extra art has been commissioned, you can resell for the price you spent on art.

❥ You may not resell Guides/Seekers/MYO tickets you obtained through a trade or gift. You can only trade/gift them.

❥ When transferring ownership, you must let me know by commenting under the masterlist entry!

Vouchers and Three Ways

Vouchering within the Guide and Seek community (eg. vouchering for GnS designs/MYO tickets/seasonal potions etc): This is allowed as long as you clearly state what items you are willing to trade for the voucher or 3 way. Please try to be fair!

❥ Vouchering outside of Guide and Seek: Vouchering Guide and Seek MYO tickets for non Guide and Seek things is allowed for up to the original worth of the character/MYO ticket + any money spent on art/commissions. Characters and MYO tickets obtained via gift or event, as well as items in the Guide and Seek world cannot be used for voucher. 3 ways for non-Guide and Seek things with money involved is only allowed if characers/MYO tickets traded have monetary worth (not gifted or earned from events).



Please do not sell/trade/gift any Guide and Seek designs to users below. You will be blacklisted if you do.

Please do not harass these users either.

❥ Jaxxxx/aaxiomaticc on toyhouse

❥ LostSoul-Aesthetics / Envy Rose#9199/ PoisonRain on toyhouse

❥ Midnight-Monstros on toyhouse


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