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Missing Presents!

OH NO, it sems Toro wants to speak with you about something...


Event Info

This is a mini narrative/puzzle event, featuring the site and stash!

START by speaking with Toro. To speak with characters, go to their character page, and description. The relevant event conversation for characters will be marked with hearts. Pay attention to clues given, they will hint at where you need to go next.

Some things are clickable for prizes, so do not be afraid to click everything!!! If you get super stuck, feel free to dm orva on discord, and they will provide you with some hints.


February 2024 Update!

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February Update!


Happy February! I hope everyone is doing well, and take care during this wonderful month of companionship and love! Hold your loved ones tight nd give them a lil' peck for Don Rocko :)

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

February 29, 2024: THEY DO NOT EXIST - a new and wacky mystery large critter batch [Event Sale]

Monthly Prompt: A Box for your Thoughts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all!

The main prompt will be the February 2024 Monthly prompt.

Orva will grant customized bonus rewards based on your monthly box design!!

February Events


Something's gone wrong with a bonding ceremony...

Please check in with the NPCs on February 13 to see if you can figure out what's wrong!



You notice fewer slabs running around than usual. What are they preparing for? Why do you feel like they're freaking out? Does it have somthing to do with the leap year? Tune in to help convince them that March truly is around the corner!

Monthly Discord Participation Channel

A small update that the new monthly participation channel theme has been changed! Rewards will be a cute small critter raffle very month! To be eligible, just be active on discord and the role will be granted to you after a certain amount of activity!

A Little Light to Guide...

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Can you see me? I bet not! But I do leave a lovely, lovely light! You'll need me to see in these dark, twisted thickets... 1 will do, but 3 is best!

January 2024 Update!

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January Update!


HAPPY NEW YEARS!!! 2024! Wow! Boy oh boy, another year... full of new adventures and mysteries. I wonder what we'll feel when we look back on this year in 2025? I'm just unnecessarily giddy about 2024 starting on a monday XD

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

January 28: Mystery legendary sale (sale type TBD, but will not be FCFS)

Monthly Prompt: Ice Ice Baby (Ice Sculptures. It's Ice Sculptures)

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! We have several WONDERFUL new prompts by salem, as well as some old prompts being brought back!

The main prompt will be the January 2024 Monthly prompt.

!! Moving forward, the end date for monthly prompts will be extended 3 days after the end of the month to account for gaps !!

Guide and Seek: The Rescue!

As you may have heard, myst and I have been working on an interactive exploration/map of the GnS Isle and we release part 1 this new years!

Functionally, this is a hyper casual top down rpg, with some small quests here and there, but through this we are trying our best to eventually incorporate all the regions of the Guide and Seek mainland, so users can feel like they are exploring the world. Ideally, we have planned 5-6 parts, and hope to update them in time, but we are both working on other things on the side (orva with work and myst with school), so development on this passion project will be slow! Myst is doing a TON of work on her end and I am very thankful she is taking the time to help out <3

With part 1 we have included part of the Grove of Life and the Amethyst Isles, and was a test on whether or not this is something we can achive, and we are proud to share it with all of you! Please feel free to chck it out! If you have questions or see any bugs, please reach out to orva on discord, but bug patching and updates will be slow for the reasons stated above.



Andddd.... to continue the above discussion, we are looking for OCs to add as casual NPCs in part 2! If you have a gns OC that fits the blow descriptions and you would be okay with them being part of the game (please ask the original artist/designers as well if you are not them), please dm orva with a link to your character masterlist and a little about them!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not plan on monetizing this specific project, so we will not be profiting monetarily off of your characters. However, this will be on a game available to the general public, and we would own the game sprites made of the characters for the purpose of this specific project and any marketing content created for it. Honestly, it's just a casual/fun projct for us but we wanted to be clear justin case!


❥ Guides residing in the Grove of Life, especially near the Tree of life

❥ Seekers residing in the Stone Village

❥ Slabsters that reside in the grove of life, stone village, or meeting grounds

❥ Leafree that reside in the meeting grounds

Thank you so much if you wish to volunteer your beloved OCs! Depending on the number of OCs offered or our scope, we may not be able to include everyone. Thanks for understanding.

December 2023 Update!

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December Update!

240-image.png 241-image.png248-image.png

Wahoooo! Another year we made it through life, a little older, but a little wiser. Despite it's flaws, I hope everyone has had great memories to look back on 2023, and are excited for the future!

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

December 23: Pobble Batch (2 pobble tickets each)

December 24-31: Outfit Extravaganza and Cervabloom Masquerade

December 30-31: Winterborn MYO Sale

Monthly Prompt: THE GIFT OF GIVING

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all!

The main prompt will be the December 2023 Monthly prompt.

Note that for the end of the year, the rewards are slightly different, so please read the description before completing the prompt!

Winter Festivities



The pobble batch this month will be winter themed, and each have a Frozen Cryptid Dumpling applied. It will be a FCFS sale on December 23, for 2 pobble tickets each!



In the spirit of giving, from December 24-31, there will be a series of raffles for winter themed outfits, as well as pre-designed Cervabloom raffle. If you possess an Amethyst Heart however, you may opt to skip the raffle "line" and claim an outfit, or Cerva for yourself. In order to get one, please complete this month's monthly prompt!

But wait! There's more! How will the Cervabloom's look be determined?

❥ Every day, I will be writing out a small winter-y scenario, with several paths you can take! Each path you choose will determine a specific aspect of the look of the Cervabloom. This will be a community vote, and the option with highest vote wins. If votes are even, we will rely on rngesus. Play as one or more of your OCs, and complete optional mini prompts and doodles to add votes to the scenario you want (like out aliens vs cowboys event). The final result will be a winterborn Cervabloom, looking as put together or as chaotic as the community deems, for raffle.

Maybe Big? GnS Direction Update Moving Forward into 2024

Almost there guys, haha! I just wanted to thank you all for another wonderful year, and for sticking by our little group! So... phew... now comes the news. I've done a lot of thinking, and I've decided to make a decision regarding the direction I want to take this group in moving forward into the New Year. 

This is something I've been mulling for a while now, because it is something new and I'm really not sure how it will be taken, but it's almost 2024, I'm going to go through with it! Firstly, Guide and Seek will still remain a closed species group, that is not changing. By "closed species", to me it means that it will be a private group where I hope to be aware of most people participating and sharing the world I've built, and not opening it too much to the public in a way that makes it unmanageable.

That being said...

❥ Primarily, I want to bring GnS back to its roots and transition it into an ARPG with less monetized aspects. I want to focus on continuing to build GnS's lore and running events over hosting sales. GnS has always been a creative passion project for me, and I want to dedicate all my energy into building this world with games and events that everyone can enjoy. With the economy not being great, and the overall "adoptable" concept and deviantart dying out, it has become increasingly more stressful for me to run and manage sales, and if I'm, being honest, I don't think I've been doing a very good job because of my loss of interest in doing so. Unfortunately, this means I will be discontinuing our permanent GA system, and is why I've adopted the new "rolling GA" application system, so I can better manage and control sales whenever inspiration strikes. However, self-managed GA sales like the one ducc, maz and honeydebt and mika have done may still continue.

❥ Game Development: Many of you may know my sister, myst, who is an avid lurker of the group. She is going into her first year of game art and development, and we have been having so much fun developping mini game ideas based off of GnS lore. Myst and I have talked a lot about this subject, and we are planning on working together on future game projects, and are both inspired by the already established lore and premises of the GnS world and characters. We have a lot of future plans, and although currently the games we have are super simple and not as immersive, we are hoping to slowly change that and make more exciting and community - involved projects as we both grow and develop as a sibling not-so-studio! Of course, this won't be all we ever do, it will just become a more regular part of GnS events in the future. Additionally, if anyone in the community wishes to help out with anything on a volunteer basis, feel free to reach out, and we can even figure something out, like adding your OCs into a game! Doing this however, also takes time, and so I may have periods of time where I am less consistently active and more "dormant" months of rest. Fret not though, I will always be back with new event ideas!

❥ That being said, sales will still happen, I am and have always been in love with character design, but they'll occur much less frequently and only when I feel inspired and have the energy/time to hold them. I also plan on holding more raffles instead of sales for smaller designs, or maybe even in game currency sales that are more accessible for everyone.

❥ Regarding MYOs: Natural MYO slot sales will continue to be available permanently, for those who want a quick way in. The reason I am not making them free or open however, is purely for management reasons. However, I have made it so it is very eassy to get MYOs through participation. We also have a very lovely and giving community who are extremely welcoming to newcomers, so I am very proud of that. Synthetic MYO slots will no longer be available for irl money sale, but can still be given out as event rewards or purchase via in game currency. Again, synthetic potions are plenty to come by. For now, Seasonal MYOs will continue to go on, and legendary sales may as well, albeit not very frequently.

This change may not even be a huge deal, but to me it feels like one. I am super thankful to have been able to grow and develop this world with all of you in it, and I hope to continue doing so, albeit in a slightly different direction! I hope you are understanding of the situation as my interests and passions change.

Speaking of Games...

Myst and I have finished another minigame, and have a larger, more exciting project in the works, that is scheduled to be finished on December 18th!


The sequel to Tomato's Escape, this is a classic space shooter! Tomato's set on revenge!! How many aliens can Tomato take down before his ship fails him? Don't worry though, Finch has left cheese out, Tomato will ALWAYS find a way back home, even if he's willingly left again to exact ketchup-filled justice.




(These are still WIP screencaps, and not all the art has been imported yet)

This is the project we are currently the most excited about! It is a simple, top down rpg style game aimed to give players a more visual idea of what the GnS Isle is like. It is mostly wandering around, but you may meet some noteable NPCs and do some little side quests! For now, we have part of the Grove of Life, as well as the Amethys Isles. In the future we are hoping to expand this to the entire GnS Mainland map, so community members can actually walk through, explore, and read interesting lore tidbits by interacting with the "!" symbols. The first version, with the grove and Amethyst Isles, will be done on December 18, and will be released before next year! I am super excited to add some level of community interactivity into this, like adding your OCs into the game with some cute dialogue, or your OCs' houses as a landmark! We are also playing around with the idea of customizeable protagonists, but that is not a promise I can make currently. 

As Myst progresses with her skills and learns more complex coding, we are happy to take any suggestions on how we can further include a level of community involvement and roleplay in games, as GnS works the best when everyone here is involved! We are also considering hybrid game/rp event gameplay. Many possibilities in the horizon!

November 2023 update!

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November Update!

Happy winter!!! I hope you're all staying nice and warm!

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

There will be no sale this month.


Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all!

The main prompt will be the November 2023 Monthly prompt.


Additionally, we have a new minigame on our games page! There is a special prompt you can finish by completing the game, for a few rewards. We hope you enjoy!

GA Update!

Hello everyone! I've finally opened up the rolling GA expression of interest forms! This is not for a specific GA position for any planned batch, rather, it will serve as a list for me to refer to for anyone interested in potentially creating some designs in the future! The form will be open indefinitely, and do feel free to fill it out multiple times in the future if you have updated work, so there really is no rush! If I contact you and you don't have time at the moment, you can always decline, and you will not be taken off the list.


October 2023 Update!

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October Update!

SPOOKY SEASON IS HERE! However, something's not right with the atmosphere... the wind is laced with static energy. Something is coming...

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule


October 28-29, 2023 – On base gacha!

Monthly Prompt: THE INVASI0N

This month, our monthly prompts will take place as a special event on our discord! It will take the form of several mini prompts! So if you wish to participate, please keep an eye and ear out on our discord!

GA Update!

In the coming days, orva will release a google form asking for anyone interested in being a Guest Artist at any future batch! It will not be for any specific batch, but orva will look over all applications, and keep anyone who applies in mind if a future planned batch may fit your style, and will then reach out privately. This will be a permanently available form, so you can apply any time. If you wish to update your application, you can send a new one at any time, although it would be best if you waited at least a few months.

September 2023 Update!

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September Update!


Ahhhhh... can you feel the wind? Autumn is here!

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

September 23-24, 2023 – Windswept batch (Mini base, flatsale 24 hour flaffle)
September 30, 2023 – Windswept MYO Sale

As usual, always keep an eye on our discord for mini events that pop up once in a while, when orva is free!

Monthly Prompts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! Several seasonal fall prompts are back!

The main prompt will be the Septmber 2023 Monthly prompt.

Leafree Racing!


Orva and the mods are working on a fun leafree racing event! This will likely be near the end of September. However, as a preface, it is unfortunate news that by sheer unluckiness our entire mod team has been hit with varying situtations in real life that have made us all collectively busy. We will try our best to deliver somehing fun, so please stay tuned!

August 2023 Update!

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August Update!


Oh... why Ylvis Sun? Why not?

Happy August everyone! Aka anniversary month for GnS! I can't believe it's been 3 years since we started this little community! I hope we continue to bring joy to everyone's lives hehe. 

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

Monthly theme is rituals and tradition.

August 26, 2023 – Legendary Guide and Seeker Sale (Flatsale, FCFS)

As usual, always keep an eye on our discord for mini events that pop up once in a while, when orva is free!

Monthly Prompts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! This month is artfight month, so the monthly prompt will support this event! However we also have options for thse not participating.

The main prompt will be the August 2023 Monthly prompt.

A Wayward Adventure


It's that time of the summer for a last minute VACATION before the summer ends!!! You've signed up for a discount rip package with Kia's Ethereal Adventures Inc, a highly reputed travel our company, and the only one offering tours of the Legendary Isles.

This will be a Choose Your Own Adventure style event, starting last week of August! Stay tuned! And don't forget to visit Kia's character page for some updates :)

Little Note from Orva

<a href=

Hi everyone! I hope you're all doing super well. I have some news to share that may explain my lessened presence these past few months. I wanted to share it now only because I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!

Firstly, I'm moving! I just got a new place and move in is next week, so I'll be super busy with the move. I've been dealing with closing the deal and getting everything in order before that,

Secondly, and this is the bigger reason I've been more absent than usual, is that I've been looking for a new job and hardcore working on my portfolio. I've also been taking some additional courses on top of that. Luckily, I am currently in the end stages of negotiations with a new workplace I'm excited about, and expect things to calm down soon! Still, I expect to be only partially available until maybe December, by which I'll have more energy to dedicate more time creating fresh visuals and activities here. Thanks for sticking by me and the group, and I want to thank my amazing mods for keeping hings running! HUGE hats off to salem, hedwig, maz, asura and ven!

July 2023 Update

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July Update!

<a href=" Bush" class="display-item">A Bush</a>

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

July 25, 2023 – Artfight themed Offbase batch (By studiomaz)!

As usual, always keep an eye on our discord for mini events that pop up once in a while.

Monthly Prompts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! This month is artfight month, so the monthly prompt will support this event! However we also have options for thse not participating.

The main prompt will be the July 2023 Monthly prompt.

A whisper of Wind...

These past few months (including this one and a bit into August), will be pretty quiet. However, staff are cooking up something fun for September, so that will be something to look forward to! Do you love GOING FAST? TRAINING? RACING? Well... be prepared!