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Orvaslab Sightings

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Orvaslab(s) Spotted!


Hmm... orvaslab sightings this month has increased dramatically... If you see any hints of them around the Isle (site), it is highly recommended to grab (click) them! It is known that orvaslabs often lead to amazing treasure, specifically of the overgrown variety...

Event Info

This is a mini scavenger hunt/puzzle event!

Browse around the site, looking for signs of Orvaslab. Orvaslab's official appearance is shown in the section above. They are a small yellow slabster with a yellow flower bush hairpiece. If you find them, CLICK CLICK CLICK! Careful though, as some things that may appear like Orvaslab, but are just plain leaves/rocks.

Clicking on a correct orvaslab will lead you to a hint page! There are 4 orvaslabs that can give you hints. There is something important to note about them:

1 always tells the truth, 1 always lies, and 2 will tell 1 lie and 1 truth each.

You will be looking for a location from the hints. Once you think you have the correct location, please input it into the latter section of the below link, like this:

>> <<

Extra location hints:

- There are no spaces, numbers, or non letter symbols.

- The location is pretty specific, so it goes like [location][specific part of location] (eg. cityoflightsbuilding, paradiseoasiscave, etc)

- An example of a (working) secret page is here:

If you get the link correct, it will lead you to a special, secret page, where you can collect all sorts of treasure!! If your link leads to an error, it means you got it wrong.

Helpful Link

This page all you need to figure out the location the slabs are hinting at. Browsing through it is highly recommended (for future puzzle events as well)


March 2023 Update!

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March Update!


Happy March everyone!! Ever slowly, the land starts to turn green, and creeks again begin to bubble. Don't get lost in all the vegetation!

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

March 18th, 2023 – March Birthday Bash Batch by honeydebt (FCFS flatsale + free raffle)

Honeydebt has wonderfully volunteered to create a batch featuring our favorite mutated dumplings! We are both March babies so this is a wonderful surprise and lovely idea! 

Monthly Prompts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! 

The main prompt will be the March 2022 Monthly prompt, with 2 new and 1 returning prompt! 

Lucky Hunt!

43-image.png <( teehee)

Many things happen in March! It is also known to be an exceptionally... lucky month!

Keep an eye on on March 17 for the start of a small site-only mini event! You may be able to snag some overgrown dumplings, among other items!


O, and, well, speaking of events... Have you talked to the NPCs yet? They may have some interesting things to say about a mysterious new game? Wonder what all that's about.

NPC Pages (click description, then toggle spoiler)

Putting a "Face" to the Name

Over the next few months (and for the past few months), I've been slowly working on some illustrations for key locations of the GnS Isle, just to help enrich the lore and to help people visualize the environment their characters inhabit better! I will be sharing finished pieces as they come along.

Site Sale Rules

Our first full site-only sale has gone pretty well! We will be moving forward with making all future sales site specific. A reminder of some new rules below that will be implemented in future sales:

❥ All payment must be sent within 48 hours of receiving payment info, or the design will go to someone else/be pu back up for sale

❥ All non gacha designs will have a 1 week cooldown period before they are able to be traded or resold.

❥ You may no longer switch entries for flaffles. You are still allowed to rescind if something comes up, but please delete your message if you do. We urge everyone to be mindful and think thoroughly before entering for designs. Switching creates a potential opening for confusion and mistakes when tallying and sorting through entries.


Thank you for your understanding, and happy March!

Valentines Day Event Update

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Mid February Update
It's almost Valentines day! We hope your February so far has been filled with love!
Vday Messenger Services Raffle Rewards!

Hey all! Swad's messenger services are officially open! Want to send a sweet message to a friend? Please head on over to our discord server and fill put a quick form in our 💌-vday-message-service channel.



Every message you send will net you 1 raffle ticket, which you can put towards one of these gift boxes! Everyone can only win 1 raffle giftbox, if you are drawn for multiple you get to choose the one you want more.

The exact contents of each gift box is a mystery, but we can say that they include neat things like GnS items, MYOs, premade designs, and custom site pets! Each set of rewards will be themed, and the preview images are a hint to the theme.

The messenger service will end on February 14th, so please get your forms filled out by then! The raffle will commence a few days after. You will be notified of the number of raffle tickets you've earned upon the end of the message service.

Escaped Boxes!


YIKES! As part of the messenger service, these sweet treat boxes were supposed to be sent out to everyone. Unfortunately, they have made a grand escape! Perhaps you can find them? Swad has given up on catching them, so finders keepers, they say.

There are 10 sneaky boxes hiding around the site, find them quick before the end of this month and they expire!

February 2023 Update!

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February Update!


And in a flap of a wing, we reach the second month of the year 2023!
In lieu of the upcoming holiday of this month, we would like to remind everyone to include the most important person in your life on the very top of your personal "people to love and cherish" list - YOURSELF!
MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

Opposites attract! Attract trouble ... unless??

February 25th – Mix N' Match Offbase Batch (flaffle - flatsale raffle)

We may also have a few bunny themed critter drops in our discord server, or other bunny themed events because how can we not celebrate the year of the rabbit?

Monthly Prompts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! 

The main prompt will be the February 2022 Monthly prompt, with 2 new and 1 returning prompt! One of the new prompts is a pobble prompt, for 2 pobble tickets this time!



Have you talked to the NPCs lately? Specifically Swad?

Do you all even remember Swad? After a year of off-world travel to "find himseld", Swad has reappeared in the GnS Isles once again, this time with some new knowledge from his travels.

Swad is working on something reeeeaallll special, which will be revealed soon, so keep an eye out!

Oh, and by the way, if anyone talks to you about weird postbox and form? Well, it has nothing whatsoever to do with what Swad's working on! Some... uh... beta testers may have leaked some information without knowing the sensitive nature of the surprise! Not that it matters, because it has nothing to do with anything... yeah... nothing at all...

NPC Pages (click description, then toggle spoiler)

Site Updates

We have a few updates to announce ~

❥ SMALL CRITTER MASTERLIST: With the tireless help of Orva's main site mods, salem and maz, we now have a place on the site to officially track leafree and pebblings! Thank you and BIG PROPS to those two for working so hard getting everything set up! If you would like to enter a pre-existing critter onto the new masterlist, we have a dedicated channel in our discord (#critter-masterlist-upload) that maz has so helpfully set up.

❥ ITEM CATEGORY CHANGE: For more flexibility on the sheer number of petling types Guides and Seekers can have, we have decided to group all items from the Rock, Plant, and Slabster category into 1 single category: pets. This way, it is simpler to categorize and also gives staff the freedom to create a higher variety of pets without necessarily sticking with only 3 category options. In the future, we hope to add a system that allows people to display a pet along with a character masterlist profile, but we ask for your patience as it may take a bit!

January 2023 Update!

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January Update!


It's a new year, time to put the old behind us and start afresh! So much has happened in 2022 and we're extremely thankfully that we'll be able to share another year with everyone in the community. You might've been here since the beginning or you might have only just arrived, but Toro and friends are always looking for people to share their adventures with.
And there will be so many adventures coming.
Regardless of whether this will be a restful or bustling year for you, you're always welcome with us. That being said, please consider 2022 a success, regardless of what you did or didn't do. Look back in fondness and be kind to yourself; take care to remember that you are the most important person in your own life. You did all that! Now, it's time to set out into 2023 and uh, don't look back. Maybe run to be on the safe side. Not saying there's a group of slabs behind you but... 
MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

January will be a quiet month to reste after out very large winterborn gacha! However you should keep your eyes peeled for some possible surprises!

January 8 – FCFS community critter gacha (Free to enter)

Monthly Prompts

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! Based on some feedback, each prompt (sans the main monthly one), can be completed more than 1 time. The exact number depends, but it will be listed in the prompt description. However, repeat submissions of the same thing will not be accepted. Each submission must still be unique.

The main prompt will be the January 2022 Monthly prompt, with 3 additional prompts!

Monthly NPC Updates


Many of you have probably already noticed this, but every month (or every other month depending on events), the NPCs will have something new to say! Usually these are just little snippets of what they're up to, but it can often be hints and previews for future events! Sometimes they may even hide goodies and treats too.

NPC Pages (click description, then toggle spoiler)

Winterborn Gacha!

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Winterborn Gacha: Naughty or Nice

December means its time for comfort and joy!

Originally a bundle of traditions from outside the isles, the guides and seekers have fully made the winter festivities their own. Everywhere you look, you'll see merrymaking: a group of guides singing carols; a seeker being turned into a snow mermaid; leafrees adorning the trees with tinsel; a seeker pouring hot sauce into a mug of cocoa—hey, wait, that last one wasn't very merry!

It's not just a one-off either. In every neighbourhood, pranks are being played by naughty guides and seekers on their unsuspecting acquaintances. It's all the work of some conniving slabfluencers on RikRok, rallying against the forced cheer of the season.

"Aren't you tired of being nice," they'd asked their viewers, pointing their little slabby hands at the camera, "don't you just want to be naughty?"
"No!" replied a different group. The traditionalists, nice guides and seekers brimming with holiday spirit, who are just all the more determined to make the festivities a success—with gifts and glee galore! Who are you rooting for? Do you prefer the tricksters who are creating their own cheer at the expense of others! Or would you rather those good guides and seekers save the holidays, spreading the cheer far and wide? The decision (or lack thereof) is yours!

UPDATE: You may now choose to claim on the site or on DA! Please go to our sales page if you wish to claim here!

December 2022 Update!

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December Update!


Happy December! Another year is almost over, and I am forever thankful to be able to share so many winters with this wonderful community. Even though it is cold outside, you warm my heart <3 (Shut it with the cheesy banter, orva).

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

We got plenty of stuff lined up this month! Our general holiday theme is: GIFT BASKETS!

December 18 – Winter Pobble Batch (FCFS on site)

December 24 – Winterborn gacha (FCFS gacha)

December 30 - Winterborn critter gacha (FCFS free gacha)

December 30-31 - Winterborn MYO sale

Wish Upon a Star: An Art Exchange Event!


As winter descends upon the Archipelago, Guides and Seekers prepare for cozy nights swaddled in blankets, filled with storytimes and drinking warm tea by the fire.
At night, the shooting stars, rumored to be discarded constellation points from the legendary isle, dash across the clear night sky in droves. There are a lot more this year - it seems the Legendary guardians above are doing some transportation renovation... maybe one of them will hear your wishes?
This month, we are excited to hold an art/writing/design exchange event! This will be similar to secret santa from other community events. Please head over to our discord to participate.
<a href="" class="display-item">Genie</a>
Furthermore, Evie and Genie, out winterborn guide and slabster friend we met from the last winter event, are back! I wonder what they're up to? Perhaps to give gifts...
Monthly Prompt: Grant A Wish!

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! This month will feature one prompt, the December monthly prompt. This prompt will be the same as participating in the event, you just get extra monthly prompt goodies for granting wishes! Have fun!

NPC Talk

You may already know this, but around every 1-2 months, the NPC dialogues will be updated to reflect current events. Sometimes they have little gifts to give, other times they will give you information about future events. Most of the time, they just want to have a little chat! You can check on them every once in a while to see if anything is new!

To "check up on" NPCs, please head over to orvaenta's owned characters page, then click on character description. The new conversations are usually under toggle spoiler. If there isn't one, it means there is likely nothing new.

Finch's Rock Pie Returns [CLOSED]

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Finch's Rock Pie Returns

Seeing the harvests and gathering families, Finch has been generous in offering her special ROCK PIE to all who ask!

Grab yourself a slice! But first...

Leave a comment below, sharing something your Guide, Seeker, or critter character is thankful for to grab a piece!
It looks so good, you might as well be drooling.

All commenters will be given 1 Pebble! 
This will remain open for responses until 11:59pm PT, November 25th.
Finch knows the holidays are busy, and they want to give travelers a chance to grab some pie, too.

Mid November Update!

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Mid-November Update

Hello guys! Welcome to the mid-November update! Please take some time to read the changes and updates below, thank you so much!





Wahhhhh! After a lot of hard work, our 2021-2022 yearbook is out! We thank our mod hedwig for creating such a golden masterpiece, filled with 64 pages of fun <3 If you have time please do take a read over this gorgeously designed yearbook, you may even find some... funky golden boxes... if you do see one, please click for some goodies!


Item Resell Update



In order to save the market, all basic items from Toro and Selene's shop and Don Rocko's shop now have decreased resale value. Items that already only cost 1 currency and are meant to be resold for currency (synthetic potion, pets, etc) will not be affected by this new update.

Furthermore, Bond essence items from the Cervabloom temple can now be resold (for bond essence)! Their resale value will still be lower than the original purchase value though, so please take note of that.

This rule was implemented to decrease the possibility of slabs taking advantage of resale values to nab other items for less, thus creating a crazy resell culture which we do not want. Items bought in stores, save for some selct ones, are not really meant to be resold in the first place.

Thank you for understanding!!

Adopt Design Cooldown Implementation

Starting from now, all future adopt batches (save for gachas), will have an implemented 1 week resell/trade cooldown. This rule was a long time coming, and we hope this will decrease the number of impulse buys. Gachas are exempt from this rule due to the swap centers that come up right after, as well as gifting. You will be allowed to gift a design as soon as you purchase it, so long as it is not an exchange of goods.

Winter Event Crumbs!


Our winter event this year will be, again, different than past events! We want to try an art/writing/design/gift exchanged based event! It will be a secret santa of sorts, so keep an eye out for updates! The event is scheduled to start on December 1st (and potentially earlier), where wishing signups will begin.

November 2022 Update!

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November Update!


Happy November! Oh boy, another year, almost over! I hope everyone has some wonderful end of year plans <3

MYO Sales and Adopt Schedule

November is usually a break month for staff and GA as we prepare for Winter events and batches! Thus, there will be no sale this month.

Monthly Prompt: Snowball Fight!

Our prompts have updated! Please head over to the prompts page to view them all! A few of them have already been up for a few days, thanks to our wondrous prompt maker salem. Two new prompts were added today, the main monthly prompt and a pobble garden prompt!

The main prompt will be the November 2022 Monthly prompt.


November is a break month, and we will have no events. However, the winter event will come December, and will be an community-based art/writing/design exchange! We have yet to try something like this for GnS, and are excited to try. Keep an eye out for any mid November announcements for more info, and if not, the evnt will most likely start beginning of December to give people a full month to complete their parts.

We will also be bringing back our large scale gacha for winter! The theme has been chosen, and we might be looking for new GAs, so please keep your eyes peeled for that as well.