Realm of the Remembered

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Realm of the Remembered


You can find a list of all existing guardian themes and temples here!


The Constellation Portals

The Realm of the Remembered is a gigantic place, and almost impossible to traverse fully on foot. Since many legendaries want to make friends and visit others from other islands, the wise guardians from Salvia have developped an intricate system of star teleporters to easily traverse across the realm. Each island has at least one permanent star constellation that can be used. However, individuals that possess a stellar star can create temporary teleport points anywhere in the realm (usually in a friend's temple). Since the realm has recently opened up to off realm visitors, these constellation points have become all the more useful.


1. Calathea City

Calathea is the first island visitors see when visiting the Realm of the Remembered. It is the only island that has a constellation portal to the realms below. A rich, luscious island, it has a bustling city life and marketplace, and is the preferred settlement for guardians who feel a deep connection with the living.

2. The Deep Below

The Deep Below is an offset of Calathea, and is, plainly put, a deep chasm. Despite its menacing outer appearance, it is home to a vibrant luminescent underground city. Legendaries who reside here love the thrill of being surrounded by glowing lights and the peace that comes with the depths.


3. Cathedral in the Sky

Rosa is the largest island in the Realm of the Remembered in population, and the second largest in size. Most new legendaries set their temples on the western side of the island, where beautiful green fields and emerald forests are abundant. It is a friendly city with an emphasis on community, so legendaries whose guardianships are themed after compassion or optimistic themes love it here. The Cathedral in the Sky (named after the gigantic stained glass cathedral at its center), is Rosa’s largest city, and is surrounded by a crystalline lake, which visitors can walk on! Rosa is described as constantly smelling fragrant and refreshing.

4. Blooming Fields

Who wouldn’t want to completely immerse themselves in nature? The Blooming Fields is perfect for this. Visitors often describe sinking into a sea of green, and can get lost for hours. It is a very therapeutic and serene place, and although not as lively as the City in the Sky, has a very lovely community of legendaries living here! You may also find a lot of legendary critters here.

8. Small Fall and Small Town

This small waterfall is indeed not small at all, but definitely dwarfed by the Crimson River falls of its twin island. It is however, not the only waterfall on Rosa. In fact, the coast of the entire island is covered in layered waterfalls, all connected to one another via a series of underground water canals. Small Fall is also near Small Town, which, is atually not small at all either. The town seems to be in a constant state of peace and love, and the air smells like fragrant roses.

9. Sakura Seas

Where Cereus has a crimson River, Rosa has crimson forests. These lush forests are in fact regular forests, coated with swarms of pink flabs. Yes. This is not a lie. These flabs love the sweet smell of the Rosa’s fragrant air, and make their homes all over, especially on the east side of the island where the air is considerably sweeter.


5. Thanatos and the In Between

Cereus is the largest island in the Realm of Remembrance, and is the twin island of Rosa. Do not fear the name, this is actually a pretty lovely place, if you’re okay with the dark and odd little things here and there. Despite its large size, the island only has one constellation teleporter, and encourages visitors to explore and discover its mysteries on foot. Cereus is famous for its crimson river, which ends in a truly extravagent waterfall off the eastern tip of the island, and for its red glowflies, which illumate the island’s many forests.

Thanatos, Cereus’ main city, is home to many legendaries who have an appreciation for the dark and occult. They understand that what they choose to guard may not be seen as favorable to many, but that it is still necessary to maintain the balance of life.

Cereus and Rosa are interconnected via little islands off the west coast, known as the In Between, where legendaries with mixed, or different themes live in harmony in support of each other. The islands here demonstrate the duality of the two islands, but also how beautiful collaboration can be.


Fleet of Dreams
6. Flamola, (Phlox and Poppy)

No one knows how or why there are giant, perpetually floating ships in the Realm of Remembrance. With time, legendaries began to settle here and create a very unique community around dreams, illusions as well as commerce and ... uh... fish keeping? Flamola is the fleet’s flagship, and it’s the place to go to get a memorable souvenir to bring home! The other two ships are named Phlox and Poppy. Don’t miss out on Poppy’s magical pond, where all sorts of aquatic life are raised and kept, and Phlox’s labyrinth of fantasy!


7. Western Trail

Getting tired of the mystics of the Realm of Remembrance? Take a break in Hyemale, an island that mimics closely the terrain and life of the realm below. It comes as no surprise that it’s the island for critter and plant enthusiasts! Hyemale;s Western Tail is stocked to the brim with deep forests which will remind you of the Grove of Life, or even the Southern Forest. Legendaries here are deeply in tune with nature.

12. Sky High Coast and the Hyemale Sea

The Sky High Coast is a beachy, sunbathed town reminiscent of Paradise Oasis. Here you can experience the calmest section of the Hyemale Sea, a unique phenomenon unique to this island – which is an entire ocean suspended in the sky!

13. The Edge of it All

The Edge of it All, or as the locals call it, Edgeville, is a very homely and cozy place which any Guide and Seeker will immediately feel at home in. Tree hollows here are just like the ones in the Grove of Life, and the endless fields of Green are just like the Open Plains!


10. The Stellar Moon

Salvia is just of the eastern coast of Cereus, and the two islands are deeply linked, and you can get a perfect view of the Crimson River Falls there. Salvia may be small, but it is the most techologically advanced island, and home to legendaries who guard over wisdom and knowledge. In the center of Salvia is the key to all travel on the Realm of Remembrance. Due to its sheer size, walking around foot to visit your friends on another island is near impossible. The residents of Salvia have developed a system of constellations that help each other traverse. These constellation points act like portals, and will show up as stars in the sky when looking up from the realm below. Small constellation points shift and change, but the realm has 16 permanent stars that remain unmoving. The stellar Moon is the giant star that maintains all constellations and travel points.

11. Starry Coast

In a small offset island away from the main Salvia island, a small group of legendaries who love the stars, future seeing and the realms beyond have created a community. From their vantage point they can see the vastness of space and have ample time to wonder about what else is out there...


The Ancient One
14. The Ancient One

Some legendaries don’t even know of the existence of the furthest island on the realm, the Ancient One. This island is rumored to be body of a vast, great, giant critter of old who now rests in eternal peace... but that’s just what they say. The island has a unique clash of biomes, with a vast heated desert oasis next to a frozen one, called the Sacred Heart and the Frozen Heart respectively. Some legendaries live there, we suppose.


15. City Center

Delphine is the island of fun and joy. It is a series of vibrant, neon cities enclosed in a rainbow bubbles. The island is located in the brightest part of the Realm of Remembrance, and it is said that the darkness can never touch it. It is home to legendaries who, well, love fun!

16. Rainbow Rapids Amusement Park

Possibly the biggest tourist attraction on the Realm of Remembrance is the Rainbow Rapids, which is exactly what it sounds like. A fats flowing, rainbow river that tastes like candy and weaves its way around Delphine. Grab your floatie and hop right in!


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