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Created: 15 March 2022, 21:17:34 PDT
Last updated: 26 March 2022, 14:16:36 PDT
❥ Site Guide

Welcome to the Guide and Seek website!

We are super excited to have you! Below is a quick guide on navigating the website. If you have any questions, you are free to ask in our discord server, where there is a specific channel set for site questions.

If you stumble upon any issues or bugs, please do fill out a bug report here.

Account and Registration

Please follow the instructions on our welcome page to register your account.

Once you've registered an account, you can now view your own personal profile on the far right of the site menu.

Your profile will display your chosen profile picture, you bank, inventory, gallery submissions, and any Guide and Seek characters you own! You can freely edit your personal profile by clicking on your username and going to settings.

Prompts and Claims

Most Guide and Seek events and activities will take place via prompts and claims.

Prompts are mini events that offer a variety of rewards, whereas claims are a way for users to redeem earned rewards from events that happen off site (through discord, deviantart, etc). Claims can also be used if users notice an error in inventory upkeep.

Prompt Guide

There are permanent prompts and event prompts. Head to the prompts page (under the world dropdown menu) to check out a list of all active prompts. Click on "show details" for a full list of submission rules and prompt details.

Note that not all prompts will have set rewards. This does not mean there are no rewards available, it only means the reward type may be dependent on your prompt submission.

To submit a prompt, click the "submit prompt" button, and fill out the given form. Please only request additional rewards if it is stated you may in the description of the prompt. You can keep track of your prompt submissions and status under the activity tab.

Claims Guide

❥ To start a claim go to activity > claims > new claim

Please provide screenshots or images for proof of your claim. For off site events, you will ocassionally prompted to fill out claims to receive event items. Please follow all instructions listed for these instances. The add-on section can be ignored unless stated otherwise.

Bank and Inventory

To get items, you must earn currency to spend in shops! Your inventory and bank can be accessed under the home dropdown menu via the site's navigation bar.

Your bank contains all currency that you own. Take note that some currency can be held by characters, so make sure you check your characters' individual banks as well. We currently have 4 different kinds of currency.

❥ Leaves and Pebbles: Leaves and pebbles are the main currency, used in Toro and Selene’s shop. They can be earned through monthly prompts and events. 

 ❥ Pobble Garden Tickets: Pobble Garden Tickets are used in the Pobble Garden Gift Shop.They can be earned through Pobble Garden Prompts and via special events.

❥ Bond Essence: Bond Essence are special sources of energy obtained through the strong magic that occurs between a bonded pair. You obtain them through Bond Prompts, as well as critter prompts (yes, loving your little critters also generates the same kind of magic). You can use bond essence to purchase Cervabloom and Baraboa goodies. Bond essences can be attached to individual characters as well, and characters will earn them through special events.

❥ Synthetic Potions: This special form of rare currency also doubles as an item. You can use synthetic potions to purchase goods from Don Rocko's Emporium, where only the rarest items are sold. You can convert a synthetic potion (item) into a synthetic potion (currency) by clicking the item in your inventory, selecting it, and clicking "use". Beware, this transaction only goes one way! Fortunately, if you do happen to make a mistake and want your item back, you can go exchange it in Don Rocko's Emporium - that golden slab really does have your back!

Your inventory stores all your items. We have several item categories to take note of. 

❥ Giftboxes and Exchangeables: These items are useable. Meaning, you can open them for valuable rewards! To use an item, go to your inventory and click on the item you wish to use. Select the item, and then click "use" or "open". Keep in mind that this is an irreversible action, so be 100% sure before clicking open!

 ❥ Basic and Event: Basic and event items are items that can not be opened in site, but can be used to trigger effects in your Guides/Seekers (eg. flowering can, paint bucket, pobble pal, etc). If you wish to use them on a design, be sure to include this during MYO submissions or design edits. Event items are not permanently available, but basic items are always available.

❥ Mutated Dumplings: Ah yes, everyone's favorite! These fun dumplings can be fed to your Guide/Seeker for special effects. Be careful about what your dumpling can affect (some are restricted to only Guides or Seekers). Similar to basic and event items, they cannot be opened on site (with the exception of the mimic dumpling), but can be used by including your intentions during MYO submissions or design edits.

❥ Rocks, Plants and Slabs: Guides and Seekers (and critters too) love to collect little pets! This special category of item are purely collectible and have no practical use. New "pets" will be created regularly, so keep an eye out! Special limited "pets" can also be earned through events and prompts. This category of items can be given to any Guide/Seeker/critter you own on the masterlist, so they can grow their own collection! To gift your Guide/Seeker/Critter a pal, go to your invnetory and click the "pet", then select it and click "transfer to character".

Character Profiles

Your owned GnS OCs will be tracked on our masterlist. You can check all your characters by heading to Home > My Characters.  Character profiles are customizable to a degree. Below a guide on what you can do!

❥ Profile: You can edit your character's profile with a description.

❥ Inventory and Bank: You can check your character's pets and currency here. You can transfer pets to specific characters through your account inventory.

❥ Images: Your character can have multiple ref images to their profile. Adding images is an admin only feature currently, but you can contact one of the mods if you need an additional ref to be added! To switch your default image, click on another image in your images tab, select the settings icon, and click "set active". You can also submit a design update to update your Guide/Seeker design. Gallery submissions are also available as a way for you to showcase non-reference images of your character.

❥ Frames: Special frames are collected through events, and can be used to decorate your characters' profiles!


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