Meet the Family

Created: 15 May 2022, 18:08:18 PDT
Last updated: 28 June 2022, 22:21:18 PDT

Hello everyone! Welcome to my world! I’m so excited you’ve come to visit us here on the Isle of Guide and Seek, it’s honestly my favorite place ever. For your stay here, I will be your guide! My name is Tororo, but you can just call me Toro, as it’s quite a mouthful I’m sure. I live with my family in a little family dome in the City of Lights! We also have a treehouse in the Grove of Life we visit occasionally, and where we welcome all our guests.

What? You want to know a little more about me and my fam? Well... I’m absolutely flattered, so ask away!




My name is Toro, full name Tororo, but it’s definitely a mouthful. I am... an adventurer, a thrill seeker, inventor of my very own brand of mutated dumplings (all humanely resourced, organically grown and tested for maximum safety), and an entrepreneur! I own a shop near the meeting grounds with my sibling and best bro, Selene! We sell various useful items, for amazing prices, be sure to come visit if you have the time!

Age: 14 (and growing every year!)

Hobbies: Exploring lagoons, creating cool new things

Favorite color: Blue!

Favorite snack: I like limestone crunchies, but sugar leaves are pretty nice too in small quantities. People assume I have HUGE sweet tooth but Selene’s the one who likes sweets! I feel like my favorite food just changes every day! I like to try new things, and foods that I’ve never had before. I hear about this thing called... butterfingers. I want to try some fingers!


Q: I know you love adventure and I was wondering what your favorite memory involving it is, and why!

A: Oh man, I’ve had so many amazing memories in all my adventures! I got to meet a lot of people during the Halloween curse, which was my first adventure leading a team. However, my favorite memory would have to be finding the source of the river of life in Toro and Selene’s Quest for the Eternal Spring! This was Selene and I’s very first adventure together ever, and our finding was so shocking and unbelievable that we both screeched in shock! It was the first time Selene made a sound, and as the older bro I am immensely sniffs proud.


Q: What is your favorite critter?

A: Critter? Ooh that would have to be the Baraboa! Used to be the leafree, but these newly discovered snakes are just SO EPICALLY AWESOME! I want to tame one... maybe another trip to the Serpent’s Bluff would be a good idea.


Q: What on earth are you and Selene doing with those dumplings?

A: Huh? Oh! They are Selene’s favorite food, and we are collecting them for well, it’s Selene’s story to tell. Not that any of it matters, we are no longer collecting them...


Q: What does a typical day look like for you Toro?

A: Well, I’m a pretty busy guide if i do say so myself. I wake up early with the sun, and head out to the meeting grounds to set up my shop. I set some slabtraps to prevent theft and then go over my inventory for the day. I’ll also work on sketching up some plans for future experiments on my handy dandy guidebook! Selene usually comes help with the shop in the afternoon, in which we take a break to play caves and crabsters for a bit!

On weekends I’m in my lab trying to devise cool new dumpling designs for my dumpling brand! Sometimes I take a few days off of my work to go collect essential ingredients and things to sell. Oh, and I’m always on the lookout for new adventures!


Q: What hobby do you want to try, and what is one that you tried and failed too hard at?

A: Hmm, I’d like to try a lot of things! Currently I really want to tame and ride a Baraboa. Hasn’t happened yet, because Finch thinks I’m not “responsible” enough for a large critter, whatever that means, bleh. And failed... hmmm... I did try Gurock’s meditation by the ocean program for a week with Selene, but I just can’t stay still!


Q: What’s your favorite spot in the City of Lights?

A: Oh, definitely slabmarket street! It’s a street filled with various vendors and sparkling lights! It’s absolutely epic to walk down and see all the various trinkets being sold, sometimes you can get some killer deals! Not that I uh... get my stock there or anything...





H-hi everyone. Um. Toro asked me to do this, but I’m... not sure how to begin. I’m Selene, I guess. Nice to meet you. I am Toro’s sibling, and his um, “partner in crime”? Is that what people say about us? Anyway, I’m happy you want to know more about me. I’m kind of shy, but, I’ll answer what I can.

Age: 13

Hobbies: Um, I like to learn new things and hear stories. I also like... leafree songs and swimming. Oh! I also draw! I drew the family portrait, and the portrait of...  

Favorite color: I like blue.

Favorite snack: Rock dumplings. They’re the perfect blend of sweet and savory, and they are very cute and compact.


Q: What is your favorite critter?

A: Oh! Critters... I like them all. My favorite though, Cervabloom.


Q: What on earth are you and Toro doing with those dumplings?

A: Oh... um. I mean, I guess the secret’s out. Rocko’s Dumpling and co were holding a rock dumpling absorbing competition. The winner gets a lifetime supply of rock dumplings... Toro and I were gathering them to help train me for the competition. It got cancelled though, something about it being an untrustworthy business? I’m not sure the... business behind it... it’s sad but oh well. Toro and I are working on a new recipe for them so maybe we can make rock dumplings on our own...


Q: What does a typical day look like for you?

A: I usually wake up in the early afternoon, and go to the meeting grounds to help Toro out with the shop... I also like to visit Mr. Clay in his conservatory to help out when I can. Of course, also help Toro collect things from the forest and beach. I like to stay up late listening to the sounds of the forest and feed the night slabs that come out.


Q: What hobby do you want to try, and what is one that you tried and failed too hard at?

A: There are a lot of things I haven’t tried yet. I really want to be a critter trainer with Toro... I don’t know how good I’ll be at it. Mr. Clay says I’m amazing with critters and they all love me, so i have high hopes. Something I’ve tried and failed... well, I tried to lead an adventure like Toro, but I don’t think I was very good at it. Toro says that I have potential and just need more training, so maybe it’s not a complete failure...


Q: What’s your favorite spot in the City of Lights?

A: Oh... I like the park near our greenhouse... there is a nice lake there I can dip my toes in while feeling the breeze.





Heya there lovelies! Welcome to our humble home! Oh, I do enjoy having guests! Gives me an excuse to whip up some aromatic tea. Oh, me? Hi, I’m Finch! You may have heard about my little ones, with them flitting around and meddling in every business, I do hope they didn’t cause you too much trouble! Ah yes, i am but a humble guardian to them haha.

Age: 60 years young!

Hobbies: I love making tea and taking photos of plants! I also like to style Tomato’s hair.

Favorite color: ... Red, for sure.

Favorite snack: Mmmmm... probably the lavarock cake Torrent made for us on our first anniversary! It may not be the perfect cake, but it sure was memorable!

A bit of history: Torrent and I met a long while ago, almost 15 years before now... when I first met him he was a shy rock, lost in the world, unsure of his place. But to be fair, so was I. I had just come back from a 20 year self discovery trip off island. I travelled to so many places, met so many different individuals, and learned so many things. I gathered a lot of inspiration for my designs too, it was very eye opening. I never thought about coming back, but here I was, after a spur of the moment decision – it was so sudden and overwhelming I thought I was dying! I think it was the divine wind calling me back to meet Torrent. And of course, Toro followed soon after, and then Selene a year after Toro. And then... well, I think that’s an announcement we have to make as a family!


Q: What is your favorite critter?

A: I do have a secret love for slabsters... those little bugs have quite the personalities


Q: Do you have any pets/critters in the household? If not, why?

A: We are a critter friendly household! Our mainstay is Tomato, our cute little slabster. He keeps me company on days when the kids and Torrent are gone. Toro and Selene have taking a liking to the earth critters – frogs? And like to dress them. Recently I’ve heard of some talk about a Baraboa? I mean, I do love all critters but I really don’t think we have the space!


Q: How did you pick Toro and Selene’s name? Do you have a surname?

A: That’s a wonderful question! Well, Toro’s full name is Tororo, which is the name he used to call Torrent when he was a baby. It kind of, just stuck! Sound is a big thing among us guides, and traditionally, guide children are often named after the first sounds they make, and sometimes even their first song! Of course, that doesn’t apply to everyone, but it worked for us. When I was off island, I learned about earth’s naming conventions. Selene was born under a moonlit night, and thus the name, which means moon. As for our newest, well... I want to extent the honor of naming towards you guys too – any suggestions? We can chat about that later!

The use of surnames is a practice brought in from off island. Guides and Seekers traditionally do not have surnames, more so families and certain communities are distinguished by guidesong. However, recently it is not uncommon at all to see Guides and Seekers with surnames. Our family as of yet do not have one.


Q: Do the kids go to school? Is there any kind of formal education? If not what are they up to all day?

A: Toro and Selene are enrolled in classes that encourage exploration and self discovery. They are supposed to report to their teacher at the grove of life every two days for lessons and tasks, but well, I am embarassed to say that my kids are not the best at attendance... There are many different forms of education in the Isle, ranging from more academic lessons to ones that are more task focused. Some kids will get sent off island for their education too.


Q: What’s your favorite spot in the City of Lights?

A: There is this domed restaurant on the top of a skyscraper. Torrent and I have a special table that we go to all the time when we eat out there. Something about the marvelous view of the rocky port, which is the gateway to new worlds. Sigh, how I wish I was on a boat again...





Yo, what’s up? Oh huh? I’m here to answer questions? It was Toro’s idea? Sure. The name’s Torrent, I’m the guardian of Toro, Selene, and oh – uh, that’s news for later. Ask away.

Age: 33

Hobbies: I like to develop games, and also play games. Also I like to prank my kids. Heh.

Favorite color: Orange.

Favorite snack: It has to be Finch’s special sandstone tea.

A bit of history: I met Finch a long time ago, I was just a young Seeker trying to find my place in the world when Finch all but barrelled into me. We struck up a friendship when they helped me find a cave for the night, and told me all sorts of fantastic stories of their travels! They brought meaning into my life, really... I’m very happy to have met them.


Q: What is your favorite critter?

A: I ... like the Baraboa. They are just. So cool. I kind of want to maybe keep one as a critter... Finch doesn’t think we have space, but we can make space.


Q: Do you have any pets/critters in the household? If not, why?

A: Tomato... he's a slabster. He's cool I guess, but a bit irritating sometimes. Most of the time. All the time.


Q: How did you pick Toro and Selene’s name? Do you have a surname?

A: I'm sure Finch told you about...Toro. Yeah when he was a baby he was very eager to speak. He liked to try and pronounce my name, but somehow only Tororo came out. It's was super cute, so we had to name him that. Did Finch give you a lecture about guide naming traditions? Haha, that's funny... well, let's just say Finch was super against naming our kid after a mispronunciation of my name, but I managed to convince them. Yeah that;s right, Toro's name is a meme. Selene's name was more straightforward. Since I made the call for Toro, I gave Finch the honor to name our little Seeker baby. Selene means the moon, apparently.


Q: Do the kids go to school? Is there any kind of formal education? If not what are they up to all day?

A: School? I've never seen Selene or Toro attend anything school-like in my life. Well, I think they turned out alright.


Q: What’s your favorite spot in the City of Lights?

A: Definitely the rocky port. Is that technically part of the city? We'll count it. I love the smell and sounds of the sea. Finch told me so many stories of their adventures off island. One day, I want to make a family trip to another world, just so see what it's all about! Maybe I can make a game around my experiences.




(fae/faer/feminine pronouns)

This is Chaya! Chaya is a tidetouched Seeker Finch and Torrent adopted from Paradise Oasis. It seems the baby may have been swept up in the waves and tossed all the way onto the mainland. Confused and scared, Chaya was lucky enough to find a warm and loving home with our NPC family!
Chaya is selective mute, probably a result from her pretty traumatic experience being swept up in the ocean at such a young age. However, fae appear to be some sort of genius. She has a particular love for slabsters, and may be able to communicate with and control them through telepathy /hj. Chaya, despite her young age, is able to create and solve complex problems, and often helps Torrent with technology. Despite her apparently sus personality (according to Toro), Chaya is very sweet and likes to help others.

Age: 2 (and growing every year!)

Hobbies: Creating and solving codes, hanging out with the slabs.

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite snack: Chaya likes to drink Finch's special slab tea, and also likes to munch on slab shaped snacks.

A New Family Member?

Toro: This is Chaya!!! We found faer when Selene and I were walking along the river. It seems a particularly strong tide swept her far away from faer birthplace. I mean, Finch and Torrent were talking about maybe adding in a new addition to our family, and here was this tiny little baby rock, crying faer eyes out! I mean, another younger sibling would be awesome, a new loyal minion for me! Haha! 

Selene: I like her. She's cute. I felt so bad when fae was crying... I never want any child to be without a home. As for a name, we've decided on Chaya, short for Cahaya, which means light. Fae is super smart, maybe even smarter than Toro! But oh, don't let Toro know I said that...

Finch: Ahhhh! I'm so sorry we held back from telling you the news! Well, we got a new addition to the fam! Oh isn't fae just the SWEETEST little thing. Oh man, I may be too much of a mother hen! We've decided on Chaya as a name, beautiful, isn't it? Tidetouched friends of ours, Agar Agar and Pearl, helped us come up with it!

Torrent: Heh. Lil bugger. Doesn't talk much, kinda just... stares. Like faer though, seems to be chill. Also saw her smacking Tomato into submission a few times. No one else saw? Just me? Okay...